About US

We are a media technology and broadcast news consultancy, based in the UK.

Bringing over 25 years of technology and editorial experience to help companies implement and embed best-in-breed technology with a modern efficient workflow, enabling producers, editors, and journalists to focus on storytelling, without legacy systems and complex processes slowing them down.

We are an approved partner and agent for a group of innovative technology companies, whose cloud-native products and tools are enabling the next generation of media production and storytelling.

Mark Harris

Mark started his career in broadcast back in 1997, working for AVS Graphics, supporting and selling character generators. 

In 2001 Mark joined the projects team at Omnibus Systems, where he was the lead Project Engineer moving The Associated Press’ Television News division from Tape to Video Server, this was a complex project, being a monumental change in operations & workflow for AP staff, & a baptism of fire for Mark, with it being his first major project. 

In 2003 Mark joined AP where he led a team of Support & Project Engineers, expanding & evolving the server-based production & non-linear editing systems in AP’s offices & bureaux around the world.

In early 2020 Mark oversaw another major shift in editorial workflow, which was of course the global mass migration to home working & remote production, forced by the Covid 19 pandemic.   

In a few short weeks, Mark & his colleagues quickly transitioned editorial operations away from using on-premise workstations & hardware, to working remotely from home via cloud infrastructure.

In March 2021, Mark formed Harris Media Technology Ltd, providing consultancy & project deployment services.

Mark has formed partnerships with some exciting & innovative technology companies, whose cloud-native products & tools are enabling the next generation of media production & storytelling.  

Beth Colson

Beth started her career in broadcast back in 1999, working on the Big Breakfast News at ITN, before going on to become a Production Journalist on the ITN News Channel & a Producer on Channel 4 News.

In 2003, Beth moved to BBC World as a Broadcast Journalist – just in time to work on the Iraq war.

In 2005, Beth went to Sky News to be part of the launch team for a brand-new iteration of Five News.  As a Producer & Chief Sub Video, she loved the challenges of working with brand new production systems & new teams, ensuring all the latest video successfully went on-air.

In 2006 Beth moved to The Associated Press, where in 2010 she became Head of News Production.

While working closely with technical colleagues, she led a 20-strong production team through several iterations of digital transformation, including changes of production systems, workflows, and restructuring, whilst improving collaboration between global teams, & ensuring editorial output appeared seamless to clients.

Managing changes & collaborating with editorial & technical colleagues has always been a highlight for Beth, in particular training & rolling out new tools to improve & fine tune working practices.

During her time at AP, she was part of a Pulitzer Prize-winning team whose work won an award for Public Service journalism for a story that resulted in around 2,000 fishing slaves being freed from captivity in Southeast Asia.

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