We are excited to be representing the Fonn Group of companies, who are based in the beautiful city of Bergen, Norway.  

We believe their products mark a paradigm shift in technology innovation & workflow,  not seen since the move from linear tape to digital video servers. These companies & their products are a breath of fresh air to the industry,  finally enabling a complete transition to fully cloud-native & collaborative content production & storytelling.

Introducing Mimir by Mjoll

Changing how content creators work

Mimir is a cloud-native production asset management and AI tool, used by production companies, broadcasters, digital agencies, schools, organisations and companies, worldwide. It launched in early 2019 as a tool for cloud storage and backup, for smart media search, and for automating metadata enrichment using integrated AI technologies.

Since then, the Mimir team have released 300+ product features. Including SRT live stream ingest,  scheduled and crash recording of linear SDI feeds, tight integration with Adobe Premiere Pro for editors, and to newsroom tools such as Dina, for storytellers and journalists.  

Introducing Dina by 7Mountains

Cloud newsroom built for journalistic creativity

Dina is a story-centric newsroom tool that runs in the cloud. It is built upon modern web-based technology and with a story-centric approach.

Story-centric means equipping your journalist with one tool for all platforms, including planning, creating and publishing stories to a CMS, a rundown, and social media channels.

With Dina, you bring your staff from digital and linear news together into one unified workflow, with one tool for all.

Learn more about Mimir

Learn more about Dina

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